Welcome August Wolf!

He's finally here! On February 15th at 11:41 AM, we welcomed our second son, August Wolf, into the world! This handsome little cub weighed in at 7lbs 11oz and 19.5", and as you can see, has a head full of dark hair (just like his brother did). He has the cutest little smile (complete with adorable dimples), these tiny ears that are crinkly on the sides like potato chips, and everyone seems to comment on how big his feet are. Needless to say, we think he's pretty great. We give all the glory to God for a safe, smooth delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

On an honest/candid note, the past 1.5ish weeks have been long, hard, and exhausting, but oh-so-amazing, too. These first weeks are the ones that blur together...where the days and nights run into one another and you literally cannot remember the last time you ate or brushed your teeth or took a shower. The postpartum struggles are real, both emotionally and physically. My body is still in repair, my emotional state is questionable, and the lack of sleep has most definitely been taking its toll. (On that note, does anyone know where I can get a t-shirt that says, "I'm sorry for the things I said postpartum?" Asking for a friend.)

BUT these days are also so unbelievably sweet and precious...and fleeting. I have to remind myself that although the days are long and the nights are even longer, the years are short. Bringing home a newborn again makes me realize how much time has already passed with my first son. I find myself wishing all of these early moments would linger just a little bit longer.


Speaking of my first son, watching Archer gladly welcome his younger brother into our lives (and more specifically his life) has been an extraordinary thing to witness...especially since he wanted nothing to do with "the baby" while I was pregnant. He either calls him "brudder" or "August baby," both of which are completely adorable and melt my heart to hear him say. Archer is always asking about his brother and wants to give him "kisses" (which is basically him putting his cheek on August's forehead) all the time. I am so excited to watch these two boys grow up together as they learn to live with and love each other. And I cannot wait to watch our family change and grow as God sees fit in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks so much for reading along and sharing in our joy as we welcome this sweet new addition to our family and home!