Our Playful Playground Family Photo Session

I am so excited to finally share some family photos we had taken just days before I went into labor! Literally less than a week before I was scheduled to be induced with August, it dawned on me that I never made time for a maternity photo session, and more importantly, that we as a family had not had any photos really taken of us during this pregnancy. After speaking to Bert, he reached out to our super talented friend, William Santiago (of Santiago Print Co.) to see if he could come snap some family pictures of us, and he ever-so graciously agreed. 


We met up at our neighborhood playground just two days before my scheduled induction. The familiar location gave Archer lots of room to play and run around, and it provided a fun and laid-back background for our photo session. There was also a neighboring field which we took advantage of, as well.

I meeeean...just look at those baby blues!! So many heart eyes. And I love the picture below of Archer touching my belly. He would rarely touch my belly during my pregnancy so having that moment captured is really, really special.

William did a truly wonderful job capturing our little family in such a natural way and at such a pivotal point in our lives. The anticipation of meeting our newborn son was most certainly at the forefront of our anxious hearts and minds, but I am so thankful that we took the time to slow down to have our last moments as a family of three captured so beautifully. We will most certainly cherish these images for years to come!