August's Gender Neutral Modern Boho Nursery

If you follow along on Instagram, I gave a sneak peek of August's nursery just a couple days before going into labor. This room literally came together right before I delivered, which definitely gave this expectant mama more than a little anxiety. Thank goodness for that late third trimester energy surge to make things happen! Regardless, I am so excited about how all the elements of this room came together!


This small room actually used to be our home office. The desk itself was attached perpendicularly to the built-ins, so we removed it to open up the room but left the built-ins to use as storage. Overall, I had one main goal in designing August's nursery:

  • To create a gender neutral and sophisticated space rather than going full on "baby" or too "theme-y."

I know the boys will eventually end up sharing a room, and since it will probably be Archer's room because it is the larger of the two rooms, I wanted to make sure this room could easily transition back to a home office in a few years.

I wanted August's nursery to be warm and sophisticated yet still comfortable and playful. I found myself drawn to a lot of nurseries with bohemian influences...various wood tones, rich textures and patterns, plants/greenery, and lots of baskets. Above is a nursery that I drew a lot of my initial inspiration from for the room. I love the simplicity of the space and yet it definitely does not lack in style. I specifically love the neutral color scheme, the variety of textures, and that rug is so great.


For August's nursery, we left the paint color in the room as is (Martha Stewart Living's Sharkey Grey) since it was a perfect medium grey with slight taupe undertones. We also reused Archer's bassinet from when he was a baby, and we will eventually move Archer's crib in here once August outgrows the bassinet OR when we transition Archer to a big boy bed...whichever comes first. (On that note, I will take ANY and ALL suggestions on how to smoothly transition a toddler from a crib to a bigger bed.) As far as the other decor, I was excited to find a budget-friendly rug that matched the warm, boho vibes I was wanting for the space. This room doesn't get a lot of great light, so the mirror above the bassinet is great for reflecting light around the space (and of course, allows me to check out my unwashed hair and the bags under my eyes at 3AM. I'm kidding...sort of.) The planter was a gift from my old boss and I just LOVE IT in this space! The guitars are my husband's and were in this spot when this room was still our home office. Truth be told, we just didn't have another good place to store them in our house, so we decided to leave them, and I actually love the rock n' roll vibe they give to the room!

I debated SO long about what chair I wanted for this nursery. I had considered using the same one I used in Archer's nursery (a more traditional, wing-back chair that we scored thrifting and had a slipcover made for) but I moved it into our living room during the holidays, and honestly, I just really liked it in there. Plus, it was a very different look than what I was going for in the rest of the nursery. At one point, I think I had like 7 different chairs saved in shopping carts while I was deciding on which one I liked best. And lo and behold, I ended up purchasing an inexpensive but stylish one from IKEA along with the banana fiber ottomans. It's comfortable, stylish, bounces a little for when I'm trying to rock August to sleep, and most importantly, it didn't break the bank.

The large, floor-to-ceiling built-ins were definitely a challenge, but they provide so much necessary storage since there is no place for a dresser in the room. Finding the right storage bins proved to be much more difficult than I initially thought, due to the varying heights and depths of the shelves. I purchased and returned more bins and baskets than I care to admit, but I ended up finding these seagrass ones that were perfect both in style and size. They house everything from diapers to swaddle blankets to toys and books. We spend a lot of time in this room now, so I kept the lower section of the built-ins full of books, blocks and baby toys to keep my toddler occupied while I'm nursing. The upper portion of the built-in houses the more practical, everyday items (diapers, extra wipes, breast pads, burp cloths, etc.) as well as more fun decorative items (my husband's vintage radio collection, artwork, plants, and special books.) And that larger section off to the left perfectly fit a changing pad. I also have some belly baskets scattered throughout the room for additional toy and blanket storage.

So that's August's nursery! If you loved what you saw and want to recreate the look for yourself, be sure to check out my mood board below with links to some of the key products from his room! 


1. Wall Art  |  2. Felt Pennant  |  3. Pillow  |  4. Storage Bins  |  5. Round Wall Mirror  |  6. Floor Lamp  |  7. Majesty Palm  |  8. Plant Stand  |  9. Bassinet  |  10. Elephant Laundry Hamper |  11. Rug  |  12. Chair  |  13. Sheepskin  |  14. Ottomans